Inauguration of a Worldwide Artwork that celebrates blood donation


ARGENTINA.- It is the first work of art worldwide in the midst of the pandemic dedicated to blood donation, entitled “Art as solidarity with life Cuadro Mural Nuestra Sangre”, composed of two paintings and a mural by the renowned Argentine post-contemporary artist painter Abu Faisal Sergio Tapia. 

Cudaio presented this Thursday a mural that celebrates blood donation and pays tribute to health personnel facing the pandemic. The work was discovered in the Civic Plaza of the Rosario Government Headquarters and was in charge of the artist Abu Faisal. It will be placed in the Regional Hemotherapy Center of CUDAIO, located at Lavalle 365.

The MIAPCR MUSEUM visited the exhibition and spoke with the author of the mural and with Mario Perichón, head of the Santa Fe agency that received the painting.


In his first words, Abu Faisal recalled the more than 300 doctors who died as a result of the coronavirus in Santa Fe and added: “Blood donation means solidarity and equality, which is the same message that doctors give to the population that here we save each other and nobody is saved alone”.

For Faisal “life is transformative, it is liberating, revolutionary and brings peace to the world in the midst of so much war and death.”

The image features a woman: Sara Bermúdez, a Colombian war reporter. Faisal explained the reason for the election: “It symbolizes Latin American solidarity. In defense of women’s rights, but also in defense of life, which is the most sacred thing we have.”


“Woman is the symbol of life, of resistance, of struggle in the world. In social transformation, it is the woman who is leading a revolution for life in defense of dignity and human rights”, said the artist and maintained that “it is a world where women must have a voice and a defense,



Biography: Abu Faisal Sergio Tapia (1971 Argentina), Post-Contemporary Artist Painter Engraver, with more than 2000 works of art, merging Art and technology in his artistic creation, influenced by the revolutionary currents of Modern Art that are born in Paris, that breaks with the traditional conservative painting of the academy and under the digital avant-garde of post-contemporary art, in the development as a Post-Contemporary Artist Painter of the 21st Century. Founding director of the Musée International d'Art Post-Contemporain en Résistance MIAPCR Museum (International Museum of Post-Contemporary Art in Resistance).

With a specialization in Modern and Contemporary Art and Design studies: Specialization in Graphic Design, CalArts California Institute of the Arts and Specialization in Modern and Contemporary Art and Design - MoMA The Museum of Modern Art of New York.

Intellectual artist painter engraver in the creation of the post-contemporary work of art, from scratch under his influence as a writer committed to the defense of humanity, merging art and technology, where he combines different mixed techniques from the classic in his drawing at the pictorial until the combination of digital colors, between the brush and the pixel, in the sketch made with a brush on an easel and painted in digital oil and then its final impression on canvas-canvas fine art where the essence and relationships between shapes, volumes are sought and colors, showing his artistic creation from different perspectives, abstract, as figurative works of art in digital fine art print or giclée print.

Oil painting in historical form is a set of disciplines and knowledge applied on a canvas with an easel.

In the development of digital oil painting, it has the same foundation as the pictorial technique in composition, color theory, perspective, sketch drawing, glazing, shadow and light modeling, and the choice of color palette and colors. brushes among other concepts and where the only difference with the traditional are the processes that are no longer necessary to apply, such as the preparation of the canvas, the oil and its physical materials and drying times, giving way to the avant-garde of post-digital art. 21st century contemporary.

Likewise, in the creation of his post-contemporary works of art, there is the fusion of watercolor painting and technology, avant-garde fusion of watercolor in digital art, using the traditional method in the creation of works of art in watercolor with digital fine art print.

His post-contemporary works of art are a fusion of art and technology, digital and collectible, from single copies to numbered serial copies, printed on fine art canvas and fine art photographic paper sheets with a 100-year-old paper quality. highlighting the combination in its details that digital painting allows, through the zoom in and zoom out and the observation of the work taking a certain distance from the canvas, so that the lights, shadows and figures appear with the sharpness of the colors.

The creative work focuses on the fusion of art with digital oil, creating post-contemporary digital art compositions embodied in fine art canvases where the role of painting in the era of the development of reproduction and processing techniques is questioned. and creation, studying the structure and depth of the work of art, where digital tools offer infinite possibilities for creation in art while the horizon between the digital and the traditional is increasingly lost, exploring the fields of intelligence artificial in the fine arts.

Painter artist member of the Aquarelinstituut België (AIB) Institute of Watercolorists of Belgium.

Weekly program Art and culture of the world of Radio Algerie Internationale with the post-contemporary writer and painter artist Abu Faisal Sergio Tapia, international broadcast from Algiers.

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Member of the Syndicate of French Language Writers SELF (Paris), League of Professional Authors (Paris) and of the Association of French Language Writers ADELF, writer registered in the Balzac Directory of the Société des Gens de Lettres (SGDL) of Paris, developed in collaboration with BNF BIBLIOTHÈQUE NATIONALE DE FRANCE.